MurderS She Wrote


Murder on the Menu

MurderS She Wrote's "Murder on the Menu" is serving up an appetizer of mystery, an entree of comedy, and a healthy dessert of fun! This is one you don't want to miss as the audience becomes part of the new hit reality TV show "Get a Grip - Lose A Hip". Characters like Enormous Norm, Fatty Patty, and the other team members compete to be the biggest losers. Feast on flavorful food and fun as No Pain Blaine puts Chubby, Lardo, and Minnie the Muncher in the spotlight at this bountiful buffet of hilarity. Unique and entertaining approaches to exercise and nutrition will have you rolling with laughter until someone is mysteriously murdered. A surprise investigation occurs and everyone must help find the big F-A-T killer.

My Big Fat Italian Funeral

Bada Bing..... Come watch as the mystery deepens over how the Tortellini family matriarch is found dead under questionable circumstances. Is the sexy, southern bride of family boss Salvatorio hiding a motive? Does the ditzy and English language fracturing Filomina know more than she is pronouncing? Will the tragically angst-filled and fashion aware son Nicodemo ever be happy with the family taste? And let's not forget the husband of the deceased, Luigi. Will his obsession with olive oil get him in trouble or will it be his roaming eyes? Hilarious and dysfunctional family drama loudly unfolds as we learn the dark secrets of the Tortellini family and business.



Murder on the 19th Hole

All sorts of characters turn out for the Grand Opening of the newest and wackiest Golf and Country Club. The club offers something for everyone, including those intrigued with the phantom bursts of music coming out of nowhere. This and other mysteries will be solved amongst the evening’s tragedies, comedies, and activities. Everyone is involved!

Golf or casual wear is the suggested attire for the affair.


Murder on Budget Cruise Lines

Welcoming you aboard the Budget Cruise Lines will be the English purser, Greely. The itinerary is filled with exciting things such as Bingo, The Big Contest, The Talent Contest, Table Karaoke, and the lively activity directors, Elsa & Yourgie, will lead the Fashion Show highlighted by Budget Cruise Line's very own line of fashions from the Dollar Palm Tree. Also cruising along will be the prestigious famous French dancer, Fifi LePew, who will be giving private dance lessons. Let's not forget the Captain's new wife, Bianca, who will be sailing for her very first time. Oh, and did we forget to mention that there is an unexpected stowaway aboard? Be prepared for the Cruise you will never forget!"




A Wedding to Die For

Mama Mia Marinara goes all out for her son’s wedding. She spares no expense. She hires the best Yiddish Matchmaker to find him the perfect wife, gets the best Wedding Coordinator in town, designs a breathtaking wedding cake, and selects the menu to perfection. Come to the wedding of the year and be in for a surprise! 



Murder In Sparkleville

Everyone is invited to the gracious home of Aura Beam to help celebrate a gala event. The honored guest is the one and only, infamous New York talent scout, Nita Knowall. Everyone breathlessly awaits the chance to be discovered and to be in her next movie, Sparkleville. Expect the unexpected as secrets are revealed. You will need to be on your toes looking for clues because guests may be asked to come forward as witnesses.



A Murder at the Class Reunion of St. Cecilia's All Girls School

You will turn back the clock to relive your high school memories and to renew old friendships. You will recognize, and have the opportunity to poke fun at, the class cheerleader, the hippie, and the class nerd, just to name a few. The suspense builds after a classmate meets her untimely demise. You will be encouraged to look for clues, interrogate the suspects, and help solve the mystery.